I Made A Corset!

It took 3 days, and about 30 hours in the Beginner’s Corset Making Course with Lowana O’Shea of Vanyanis, but thanks to Lowana’s guidance and the help of my awesome sewing bee friends, this newbie sewist made her second ever underbust corset. I think it’s a big improvement on my first try. What do you […]

Corsets 101 – An Essential Guide

After hundreds of questions from women keen to find out more about corsets to benefit their own health and back issues or fashion and fancy dress needs, I thought I would put together this Corset 101. I must stress that proper fit is key, and that is what this blog hopes to address. I also hope to help people who are new to corsetry to avoid the many cheaply made and ill-fitting products online that are often called ‘corsets’ but are often not corsets at all.

What is ‘waist training’ and does it cause weight loss?

There have been a lot of headlines about ‘waist training’ in the news lately, and with that has come a great deal of confusion, misinformation, moralising and some sensational claims. Many in the vintage and retro community have asked me about it, so in this blog I aim to cover some of the issues and direct readers to further information.