My First Gertie Dress

I began learning to sew last year, and roughly 10 months on, I finally had the courage to make my first Gertie dress. The marvellous Gretchen Hirsch grabbed my attention early on with her fresh approach to blogging and sewing, her bio: ‘Let’s talk sewing, feminism and kitties’, and her love of vintage style – and great tattoos. I was […]

Corsets 101 – An Essential Guide

After hundreds of questions from women keen to find out more about corsets to benefit their own health and back issues or fashion and fancy dress needs, I thought I would put together this Corset 101. I must stress that proper fit is key, and that is what this blog hopes to address. I also hope to help people who are new to corsetry to avoid the many cheaply made and ill-fitting products online that are often called ‘corsets’ but are often not corsets at all.

Victory’s Speedy Vintage Hair Tutorial #2

This is my second vintage hair tutorial, and for this one I thought I would demonstrate another speedy, easy to achieve style, this time worn with a hair flower. This pin-up style is a pretty and not particularly extreme, with a slight flip in the hair at the front, rather than a full victory roll, making it perfect for beginners or those in a hurry.