Victory Lamour raises funds for UNICEF

As her pin-up persona Victory Lamour, author Tara Moss donated her time to raise an impressive five figure sum for UNICEF, posing for budding artists during a recent art workshop with acclaimed painter Mathew Lynn. Tara gave a talk about her recent trip to Syrian refugee camps and stressed the importance of humanitarian aid.

A stitch in time? It is never too late to learn a new craft

As if being an author, journalist, TV documentary presenter, human rights advocate and anti-cyberbullying campaigner wasn’t enough.

Now former model, Tara Moss, has shown she has quite a few skills on the sewing machine too.


Sydney Celebra Os Anos 50

Apesar do brilho dos anos 50, a escritora e embaixadora nacional da UNICEF Tara Moss, não se deixa ofuscar:

“Um nostálgico do tipo restaurador desejaria viver nos anos 50, desejaria que a vida decorresse autenticamente como nos anos 50 porque acredita que eram tempos melhores. Já uma nostálgica refletiva como eu não acredita que aqueles tempos eram melhores…”

Tara Moss on Nostalgia and the Fifties Fair

Tara Moss in Euro News talking about the Fifties Fair at Rose Seidler House and restorative VS reflective nostalgia (Terms coined by the late Dr Svetlana Boym).

Tara Moss: I’ve taken to sewing. And it turns out I love it

My inability to mend my own things had become distinctly unhelpful to me, particularly considering my love of vintage and the tendency for even the best made vintage clothing to come apart at the seams, thanks to ageing, 60-year-old thread…