Flora and Fauna Vintage Exhibition

I recently had the pleasure of touring the exhibition Flora and Fauna – The Nature of Fashion at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, and interviewing vintage collector, author and curator Charlotte Smith. Smith, author of Dreaming of Dior and Dreaming of Chanel, is interested in social history as seen in fashion through the ages, and believes ‘every dress tells a story’.

In Defence of High Waists and Low(er) Shoes

In early 2014, I wrote a blog about my frustration with the trend for ankle-breaking skyscraper shoes with pin heels and jeans so tight and low they are ill-advised for anyone who doesn’t dig seriously intimate waxing. A year a half on, little has changed in contemporary mainstream fashion, except the occasional sale of a […]

Hold The Phone – It’s Miss Jessi Leigh

‘Fashion has always fascinated me. However, in the years I have been alive, there has not really been a trend that suited my body shape as well as the cuts and styles of the 1950’s.’ – Miss Jessi Leigh Meet Miss Jessi Leigh. Jessi runs a hair salon specialising in vintage styling and makeup, she […]

WWII pin-up shoot with Bexterity

When I turned 40, my husband Berndt¬†kindly treated me to a 40s themed shoot with Bek Morris of Bexterity. It was my first vintage-styled pin-up shoot and I had a lot of fun – so did my daughter, then 2 – and I recall being struck by Bek’s talent for running the whole show herself […]