What is ‘waist training’?

There have been a lot of headlines about ‘waist training’ in the news lately, and with that has come a great deal of confusion, misinformation, moralising and some sensational claims. Many in the vintage and retro community have asked me about it, so in this blog I aim to cover some of the issues and direct readers to further information.

Betty Draper’s Blue Monarch

As many of you will know, I am a die-hard Mad Men fan, and in August I bid on several auctioned items from the show. Finally, here it is: the blue makeup case used on screen by January Jones in the iconic role of Betty Draper, the stylish and ultimately frustrated wife of Donald Draper, and mother of his children. She is in many ways a misunderstood character.

Meet Thrift Queen Nora, of Nora Finds

NoraFinds is a vintage blog by Nora, a Chinese Indonesian Australian now living in London. Nora is a lover of bygone eras who enjoys thrifting and finding vintage treasures. As a vintage blogger Nora aims to bring the old school elegance to her modern wardrobe and inspire others to adopt vintage.

My Vintage Guide To Berlin

When many visitors think of things to do in Berlin, they focus on the Wall and WWII history, but this is also a city with a long and fascinating history of art, fashion and the avant garde, and it boasts a veritable treasure trove for lovers of art and antiques, and for those interested in vintage clothing. I recently went hunting for the best of vintage Berlin. Here is what I found.