Could I Be A Soft Summer (Summer-Autumn)?

A blonde, a redhead and a brunette walk into a bar… They all could have been me in the past 18 months. After roughly 15 years as a blonde, 5 of those years being what I call ‘contractually blonde’ (thanks to a lovely modelling contract which required that I not change my hair – a […]

The Burlesque Feminist – Alyssa Kitt

‘We’re using our image for our own empowerment and fighting to exert control over our own bodies and how we represent our own sexuality.’ Her biography describes her as a ‘fierce, formidable and a feminist fatale’ and a ‘dream machine made of curves and cream’. Miss Alyssa Kitt has been performing burlesque since 2008. Her work […]

Where I Write

The good folks from HarperCollins Books dropped by my writing and craft room where I’m penning and researching my 12th book. Those of you who watch my Youtube channel Sewing Vintage with Tara Moss will know this room well! Watch now:    

Vampira – An Underappreciated Icon

This Halloween I took the time machine back to 1954, the year Finnish-American actor and pin-up Maila Nurmi (born Maila Elizabeth Syrjäniemi) took Hollywood by storm as her iconic creation ‘Vampira‘ in her late night TV show, The Vampira Show. Hired as the first ever TV horror hostess, and creating her own unique and enduring […]

Meet Kristy Berry and her Vintage Caravan

‘Get me to an op shop, vintage store or market and I am in heaven!’ Kristy Berry is living the vintage lover’s dream. Born and raised in Parkes, NSW, Kristy is the owner of the popular store Colouby Creations. She and her husband Colin live in a home filled with vintage goodness, on three acres shared […]