Cherry Dollface on Vintage, Optimism and her Upcoming Aus Visit

Born in California and raised in Portland, the delightful Cherry Dollface began modelling in 2005 and started her popular Youtube Channel in 2011, where she uploads new videos twice a week and makes content ranging from vintage hair, makeup and styling tutorials to day-in-the-life videos. Cherry’s channel was one of the first I found when I was initially trying to discover my own vintage-inspired look, and her friendly, accessible style made her videos a joy to watch. It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Cherry Dollface about vintage and pin-up, her upcoming Australian tour, what to do about trolls, and how she handles her health challenges:

What do you love about the vintage, rockabilly and pin-up scene? What initially got you interested?

I have always been more into vintage than anything else. I just love the aesthetic. The colors, the angles, the patterns, the silhouettes. It is all just so beautiful to me. I love the simplicity of mid century things. And I love mixing vintage with modern to create my own style. I also love to dance, so rockabilly music has always been so much fun for me.

Are you looking forward to returning to Australia in August? What keeps you coming back? (I love it here, but then I’m biased.)

Yes!! I love Australia. Honestly my favorite thing is the people. Everyone is so nice everywhere you go! And it is so beautiful. And homemade Anzac biscuits. And salt & vinegar Smiths chips. Oh my gosh. I could live off of them!

Above: Photo by Claire Seville. Photo at top of blog by Vixen Pinup Photography.

What can people expect from the one on one sessions and hair and makeup classes with you?

Laughs! You can always expect laughs with me though. Haha. The private sessions are really whatever the gal wants them to be. You can ask questions, I can do your hair or makeup, we can just hang. It’s a full hour of vintage fun with Cherry!

You’ve reached a lot of people on Youtube with your tutorials. What do you enjoy about sharing your skills? What kind of feedback do you get?

My favorite part about sharing my skills are all of the nice emails and letters that I get. I have had so many women tell me that my videos have helped them in so many ways from superficial to super personal. Just the fact that I can reach so many babes all over the world and help them learn or distract themselves from hard spots in their lives… the way it feels is indescribable and priceless!

You recently spoke out about our upcoming heart surgery and the health problems you struggle with. It was really moving. You alway seem to remain upbeat in the face of the challenges you face. What advice do you have for any readers who are also facing health challenges at the moment?

I would give the same advice I give to girls seeking advice on body image – fake it until you make it! I have bad days and good days, but on the bad days I just try to stay positive until I feel positive. You are going to have days where you cant get out of bed, where you feel sorry for yourself and want to wallow. Thats ok— you need those days. But be sure to pull the curtains back before too long and let some brightness in or it will swallow you whole! The best thing you can do for your health is to stay active and to stay positive. Laying in bed in misery never helped anyone!

I’ve been producing a new documentary called Cyberhate, about online abuse, and it got me thinking about what it is like for popular Youtubers like yourself. Even if most of the messages you get are wonderfully positive, I imagine you have had your share of abuse. How do you deal with it when it happens? Have messages ever put you off posting?

Honestly I am really lucky. I don’t get even a fraction of the hate that I see some of my friends getting that do what I do. I mostly just erase mean comments. No use giving them the energy. My theory is that people who have nothing better to do than troll the internet are actually really damaged and hurting and thats the only way the know how to react to their own pain. Every now and then I will get a comment that hits home or I feel I need to address, but I do it in a positive and intelligent way. I don’t stoop.

Do you have any advice for people in the vintage and pin-up scene who sometimes get unsavoury or downright cruel messages online?

Just ignore it! Those people don’t know you. And it isn’t personal!! Every single human on earth that is on the internet gets hate from strangers… it has nothing to do with you as a person or really anything about you at all. Those people have no bearing on your life, loved ones or happiness. No use letting them get you down!

Above: Photo by Lars Kommienezuspadt.

Thank you for your time, Cherry Dollface. See you in Aus…

Below is all of the info you need for Cherry’s upcoming Australia/New Zealand tour. Please note: All of the photo shoots are sold out but the classes have space.

Auckland (@ TBD)

July 30:

Pinup Photoshoots w/ Liz Jury $500 NZD (SOLD OUT see info below for wait list)

July 31:

Vintage Hair & Makeup Class 6-9pm ($110USD)

Christchurch (@Kaballa Baby)

Aug 2:

Pinup Hair & Makeup Class 6-9pm ($110USD)

Aug 3:

Pinup Photoshoots with Kate Christie $500 NZD (SOLD OUT see info below for wait list)

Brisbane –

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Pinup Hair & Makeup Class @ Greazefest (you MUST have tickets to Greazefest to attend the class) 2-5pm ($110USD)

Aug 6:

Pinup Photoshoots w/ Miss Scarlett Imagery $500 AUD (SOLD OUT! see info below for wait list)

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Perth (@Rosie Button Photography)

Aug 9:

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Aug 10:

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Adelaide (@Adelaide Dance Parlour)-

Aug 15:

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Pinup Hair & Makeup Class 6-9pm ($110USD)

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Pinup Hair & Makeup Class :

For this class, you will learn how to do a full pinup face of makeup, and two full vintage hair styles. This is a seminar style class where you watch as we do these styles on a model– during which you can take notes, photographs and ask all of the questions you want!


One on One Private Sessions :

(Please note I will only be doing these in Sydney & Perth)

For these private sessions we can go over whatever you would like during your full private hour! Having trouble with a certain hairstyle or makeup trick? Want more specialized advice on hair, makeup or styling? Want me to do your hair or makeup personally? This is your hour to do whatever you would like. Please just make a note of what you would like to cover with your payment.



Class: $110 USD

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For the Christchurch photoshoot, you can email to be added to the wait list

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