Parkes Elvis Festival 2017

If The King really is alive, he was in Parkes on the weekend. When you squinted, you could see him there, just out of focus, just beyond the edge of frame.

And even if Elvis Presley himself wasn’t there at least his spirit was alive and well in fans and tribute artists, large and small. The 25th annual Parkes Elvis Festival attracted over 25,000 people. He was there in the kids. In the street art. In the music piped into main street 24 hours a day. In the performances by Jake Rowley, Pete Storm, Jack Gatto and more. In the parade. In the sideburns and wigs.

This year was made even more special by my friends and the sewing bees in the lead up to the festival. We made matching gold dresses to go with the Viva Las Vegas theme. (Check it out below.)

Here is a gallery of our experience of the festival this year, with photographs and a little video by Berndt Sellheim. Thanks to everyone who was happy to pose for us! And a special thanks to my friends and all the lovely locals who made it a memorable festival.


See you next year!

Check out our gallery from the Parkes Elvis Festival 2016.

Photographs copyright of Berndt Sellheim.


  1. Abrinth

    Wow, you ladies are traffic stoppers in every sense, including literally!

  2. Victory

    Thanks Abrinth. We had fun, and literally did stop some traffic!

  3. Nay

    Oh i love that blue dress with the red leaves! Can i ask where you got it please ????

  4. Victory

    Dear Nay,
    My dress in the first few shots is a navy and red Stop Staring dress from a few years ago. I’m not sure if they still sell it, but it’s fantastic.
    Tara AKA Victory