Tara Moss: I’ve taken to sewing. And it turns out I love it

My inability to mend my own things had become distinctly unhelpful to me, particularly considering my love of vintage and the tendency for even the best made vintage clothing to come apart at the seams, thanks to ageing, 60-year-old thread…

Tara Moss’ new project that sees her going back in time

The former supermodel and vintage enthusiast opens up about leaving the catwalk to become a best-selling author, her love for the fabulous fifties era, and buying vintage items from the set of the TV show Mad Men at their recent auction.

Tara Moss’s cool vintage caravan holiday

IF you were an internationally renowned author, model and TV presenter, you’d travel first class and stay in five-star hotels, wouldn’t you?

Not if you’re Tara Moss.

The love of a vintage caravan

How does Tara Moss relax and maintain balance in her busy life? She tells Deborah in this interview that the key to her inner calm is her beloved 50s retro caravan. Tara says the simple act of hitting the road in a caravan with her family brings her a tremendous amount of joy.

Tara Moss gathers her own piece of Mad Men mania in auction

IT’S there in her slick of signature red lipstick, the curve of her figure-hugging fashions and the ability to make some men go weak at the knees. So it seems only fitting Sydney author and dedicated Mad Men fan Tara Moss has managed to nab Betty Draper’s vintage makeup case.