Teer Wayde has Curves To Kill

Teer Wayde has Curves to Kill. Literally. The model, blogger and pin-up is a regular contributor to Adore Pinup magazine, and writes her blog Curves To Kill, helping to change the shape of beauty. Teer dropped by for a chat with Victory Lamour about vintage, body positivity and why women with larger breasts needn’t settle for ugly and uncomfortable bras.

Your blog Curves to Kill is a great resource for curvy women. How did you start the blog and what has the reaction been like?

Would you believe I started my blog as a basic Q & A reference for my modeling work? Every time I would upload an image I’d get questions about everything I was wearing and people always asked for links. I’d never read a blog before I started my own but as soon as I started I was hooked.

Being both a curvy girl and a model I wanted to help girls with curves find more options, give in depth reviews and show that there were more flattering and amazing options out there. The name Curves To Kill came from my bio on a few modeling websites and I’m still in love with it after all this time. The reaction has been amazing! The support from women from all around the globe has fueled the fire to continue and I love being able to inspire people to take chances or buy an item that makes them feel amazing.

What got you interested in vintage and retro?

When I was deep into my gothic phase I got the hair cut that changed my style and look forever. My raven locks at the time were shaped by one of Melbourne’s finest fringe creators and I had my first Bettie Page hair style. This hairstyle inspired me to research the retro/pinup/vintage style and scene and once I started, well, the rest was history. With key brands such as Pinup Girl Clothing and Heart of Haute I was able to recreate retro looks that suited my shape and fit like a dream.


I have a few rockabilly friends who previously identified as goth. Did some of the same elements that drew you to your gothic phase also draw you to vintage and retro? A sub-cultural scene, alternative music and alternative aesthetic?

The alternative subculture really appealed to me at first. I loved the community element, styling and lifestyle when I was goth, and naturally as taste changed I found myself liking more punk and psychobilly styling and music. When I really got into Psychobilly with help from bands such as Zombie Ghost Train, Tiger Army and Man Sin then the my taste for the psycho/rockabilly look came into full effect.

I’ve never really been very into Rockabilly music and will always label myself as a punk rock pinup. Every style has a scene and I’ve always mixed myself into a few at once. Alternative subcultures seem to make me feel at home.


You recently wrote a feature in Adore Pin Up magazine about beautiful bras and undergarments for larger breasted women. Do you find this is something lacking in the mainstream market?

I’m a size 34GG (12 or 14 GG depending on brands) and it’s impossible to walk into a mainstream store here in Australia and find a well fitting and visually appealing bra. My search took me to every store in Australia but no one brand could fill my needs and every bra fitter told me I was a 16DD. Eventually I found a great brand in the UK named Freya and since then I’ve focused my searches on brands that specialize within the larger cup, smaller back field.

The UK are miles ahead of us for properly fitting undergarments and the US seems to be further behind with cup sizes going up to a DDD. Australia is slowly getting on top of this though, with amazing shops such as Brava and Curvy (by Bras’n’Things) so hopefully we girls will be able to be properly fitted and learn that they don’t need to feel uncomfortable any more!

Why do you think it has taken so long for designers and retailers to begin catering for the larger, or even ‘average’ sized woman?

It’s taken a long time for designers to open their eyes and discover the plus size market. Many moons ago girls over a size 18 or 20 had nothing but daggy, baggy and matronly garments, but now there are so many more options and new and exciting brands in the market.

For the standard ‘average’ size woman there has always been a market, but fit has been an issue with most girls over a 14 or 16. Depending on what shape you have you can have fit issues in certain garments – and jeans can be terrifying! It’s taken a while, but it’s nice to see designer brands extending their size ranges and opening up more stylish opportunities for the curvier girls of the world. I created my blog originally to try lots of designer and standard sized brands and help other size 16 girls wear stunning and well fitting clothes. Over the years companies such and Wheels & Dollbaby have extended their garment sizes up one grade or two and that in my opinion is a positive step forward!

Do you find that you wear mostly retro reproduction pieces, or vintage? Are there any special items in your wardrobe?

For my figure, I’ve always found it hard to fit into vintage pieces. Even though a hourglass shape was ideal in the 50’s my bust and waist measurements make fitting into some styles a bit tricky. So reproduction items, tailored to perfection, are the best for me.

I have so many items I adore in my collection but my stand-out favourites have to be my latest Deadly Dames faux leather boleros and the Downtown Dame wiggle dress and the Laura Byrnes California Lilith Bustle Fishnet Jacket. My love for Pinup Girl Clothing is rather obvious as they are always on my blog and you can find me in the plus section of their website. I’m always building a little collection of Dita Cardigans from Wheels & Dollbaby. They are absolute perfection and the one item that every girl should have in her wardrobe.

Wheels and Dollbaby have lovely pieces, and I’ve always admired Pinup Girl Clothing for their range and fit, and the diversity of their models. It is incredibly refreshing, and makes good business sense.

I love seeing you pop up on social media wearing Wheels and Dollbaby! That’s a prime example of how well their garments are designed, that two women of different shapes and sizes can rock their garments. I also totally agree with you regarding Pinup Girl Clothing! They have created a brilliant and diverse range of styles and love showcasing their product with a variety of models. While some brands want to showcase their styles on the smallest sized model possible, Pinup Girl Clothing want all women to feel confident and sexy. They have created ‘Couture for Everybody’ and make women around the globe feel and look amazing.


Thank you so much for stopping by, Teer.

Check out more at her blog Curves to Kill and website Teer Wayde, and follow Teer on Instagram.

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