Victory’s Festive Victory Roll Hair Tutorial

On the weekend I attended a pre-Christmas party, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to test out some festive vintage hair.

This is one of my easy Victory triple roll styles, or triple ‘Victory Rolls’*, with the back left out and gently curled. It can work well for anyone with enough length to achieve rolls, but can be particularly handy for a) people in a hurry, and b) people who have thick or long hair. By curling all of the hair, but only pinning and styling the front, you are able to achieve a beautiful look that is not time consuming and does not weigh your head down if you have heavy hair that causes headaches or other issues when all of it is pinned up. You can also make this look more formal by putting the back sections up in a bun instead of leaving them out.

Let’s go through the 10 steps to achieve this style, but first, make sure you have your supplies ready.

For this look you’ll need:

  1. Your choice of curling method. I am using a Cutek Hotrolla set today.
  2. Setting lotion/spray that works well on dry hair. I’m using LCS. 
  3. Pomade or styling product. I’m using the very excellent Suavecita.
  4. Hairspray. I’m using R+Co Vicious Strong Hold. (It works, plus the bottle is gorgeous to boot.)
  5. Rat tail comb to create sections, and if desired, to back comb.
  6. Bobby pins close to your hair colour.
  7. A hair flower. Today I am using a red and white hair flower for a nod to the  holiday season.

(*Trivia: For the purist, true victory rolls are only considered to be those that form a ‘V’ for Victory at the back. This style does not do that, because it does not go all the way through the back of the hair. Neither do most retro ‘Victory Roll’ styles worn today.)

Step 1: Part your hair on the side. I’ve parted mine above the arch of my right eyebrow.

Step 2: Curl your hair using your preferred method. The front section should be curled back away from your face. I prefer to curl the sides towards the face but that is up to you. (If my hair is dry, as it is today, I use a spray or two of setting lotion for each section of hair as I put it in to the rollers. Some setting lotions suit this, some do not.)

Step 3: Once your hair is curled and the rollers are cool (if you are using rollers), remove them one at a time in whatever order you choose. I often start my rollers with the front section first, so that section is ready to be styled first, as seen below. Make sure no sections remain straight, particularly at the ends.

Step 4: Above, you can see I have taken out the front section of hair above the forehead, used a little of the pomade to smooth it, and rolled it down from the end of the hair to form a curl. The curling of your hair beforehand will make this step easier. You may wish to try wrapping the hair around two fingers, and then pulling the fingers out gently. Now I will continue to roll this section of hair down to the head, using the fingers of both hands.

Step 5: Roll the front section down to the head, and when you are happy with the position, pin it in place with some bobby pins like the one shown. 2-3 pins will usually suffice, placed inside the opening of the roll from both sides. Don’t be afraid to start out using more pins if you have to. When you get the hang of this you can begin to use fewer. (While I perfect this front section I am letting some of the other rollers continue to cool, as you can see.)

Step 6: With my front roll sitting up proudly and pinned in place, I give it a spray and continue to take the remaining rollers out of my hair, again checking that they are cool before doing so. I don’t apply pomade to any sections of the hair that I am not going to pin back.

Step 7: Use the rat tail comb to section off some hair at the side, and apply a light amount of pomade to that section of hair, smoothing it through the front around the hairline, for a polished look. (Go gently. Too much pomade will look greasy.)

Step 8: Roll that section of hair, repeating the process used for the front curl, curling it around the fingers then rolling it down to the head. Once I am happy with the size and  placement I pin it is place and give it a quick spray. Now to the other side…

Step 9: Repeat the same process on the other side, as seen above and below – Section off some hair from above the ear to the part line, apply a small amount of pomade, smooth it through, then roll the hair, pin it in place and give a light spray.

Step 10: Now you have three rather victorious rolls. Don’t worry if they aren’t 100% even, just do your best to make a shape that suits your face and remember – a hair flower covers many sins. This flower has a single alligator clip to allow me to slip it into place behind one of the side rolls.

Pop it in and voila! All done.

You are ready to go…

I hope you enjoy trying out this look. Enjoy x

* All photographs by Berndt Sellheim


  1. Charlotte

    Thank you so much for this! I have long hair and long hair pinup tutorials are really hard to find! Happy Christmas!

  2. Victory

    Thank you, Charlotte. I hope it’s helpful. Enjoy the holidays x

  3. Alison

    I’m reading your sweet article in a coffee shop in London while I take a break from apartment hunting.

    I’m smiling because an intelligent, insightful woman like you still enjoys playing dress up – really refreshing and delightful. Thank you.